About Me

I live in a strawbale house in the mountains of Colorado with my husband, daughters and a menagerie of unruly house pets.  I find inspiration from my family, nature and endless adventures—keep in mind that something as simple as taking out the trash can be an adventure when you live at 9000 feet in the wilds of Colorado!

A lifelong runner and writer, I finally merged my interests in 2008. But good story fodder usually happens when you aren’t looking for it. So, other popular topics include travel, fitness, gear, kids and family life. Any day worth living includes time outside, and I balance (most of the time) my writing, editing and PR work with plenty of time on the slopes, running trails and dipping a paddle in the nearest, flat water.

When forced to be inside with no “to-do” list, I read, cook, fantasy shops for clothes online, help kids with homework, watch movies, nap and, of course, plot my next adventure.

“Hmm, I have an idea….”

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